The decision to file for bankruptcy can be an extremely difficult.  Most people are faced with tough questions such as:  How did I get here?; What are my options?; How much will it cost?; or How will a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale and/or credit card compromise affect my credit?

Attorney Ronald J. Weiss can provide you with the answers these and other questions. With over 17 years of experience representing debtors and creditors in Chapter 7 and 13 consumer bankruptcy petitions and litigation, Attorney Weiss will assist you in tailoring a proper solution for you, your family and your business.

Remember, filing for protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code is a legal and acceptable form of relief under the law.

We suggest you don’t try and do this alone. You need an experienced bankruptcy attorney to guide you through the process.

Contact Attorney Weiss to discuss how you can get rid of debt and stop foreclosure.


Bankruptcy Information

* Chapter 7:  A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is based on passing a means test to see if you qualify.  A means test is based on the median income of a family such as yours in the State of Massachusetts.  Once you qualify, a Chapter 7 will eliminate all of your credit card debt giving you piece of mind from bill collectors and unwanted phone calls.

** Chapter 13:  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a payment plan based on either thirty-six (36) months or sixty (60) months depending on your ability to pay and can strip a lien either from a second mortgage or a vehicle depending on whether you owe more than the secure value of the loan.  Many people choose Chapter 13 because of this benefit.

*** Small Business Chapter 7:  A small business Chapter 7 will eliminate your business debt and give you a fresh start.

**** Chapter 11:  A small business Chapter 11 is a tool that businesses use to reorganize their debt in order to keep the business and keep it operational while settling with creditors.  Individuals may use Chapter 11 as consumers to get the same benefits.

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